Operations Team

Operations Team

The Operations Team consists of Lieutenant, three Sergeants, twenty two armed officers, a dispatch supervisor, six dispatchers and a training team of two. 

Our Dispatcher Center receives over 42,000 calls annually and dispatches a patrol officer to approximately 16,000. Our dispatchers are responsible for monitoring alarms, cameras, access control and critical incident responses. They are a 24x7x365 operation. 

The Patrol is an emergency service provided to the district, responding to around 2250 calls per year on average. All armed operations staff have the ability to respond to emergent (lights & Sirens) critical calls to all district buildings. Officers work in conjunction with Denver Police to assist with home visits, Safe2Tells and welfare checks, responding to an average of 300 per year. Each officer spends about sixteen hours per month participating in student engagement, reading to kids, intern programs and social events put on throughout the city and county of Denver.

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